For Ann Arbor students: You should have health insurance to help cover products and services not covered by the health service fee. Health insurance is not required to receive care at UHS. Many UHS services are covered by the health service fee (part of tuition) when a student is enrolled for classes for the current semester on the Ann Arbor campus. See Who Can Use UHS? for information about eligibility to use UHS and Free or Fees for Students for services through the health service fee.

Who can enroll (eligibility)?
This plan is available to:

U-M students enrolled in classes or between semesters (e.g. during spring/summer session) at the Ann Arbor, Dearborn or Flint campuses, including:

Graduate and doctoral students who are completing graduation requirements (writing thesis, preparing dissertation, studying for prelims, studying abroad on detatched study, pre-doctoral candidates, etc.)
International students, students with dual citizenship and international scholars who are not eligible for International Student and Scholar Health Insurance Plan.
Green card holders who meet the above qualifications

Eligible spouses, unmarried domestic partners of any gender and children (up to age 26) of all the groups listed above, if the student is enrolled in the insurance

A U-M student enrolled in the Plan who is on an approved medical leave of absence needs to have purchased the insurance prior to the event causing medical leave. Coverage for medical leave cannot extend beyond one Policy Year past the current year enrolled for classes.

After the enrollment deadline, only those students who have involuntarily lost health insurance coverage through a Qualifying Life Event are eligible to purchase the plan, limited to within 30 days after the Qualifying Life Event.

Coverage periods, costs and payment:
2018-19 Policy Year
Coverage Period A. Annual
(See also Annual Installment Payments directly below) B. Winter C. Spring/Summer
Effective Dates 8/24/18-8/23/19 1/1/19-8/23/19 5/1/19-8/23/19
Payment Deadline  (end of open enrollment period) 9/30/18 1/31/19 5/31/19
Premium Cost:
Student only $2084 $1343 $658
Student + 1 (Adult or Child) $4102 $2642 $1294
Student + 2 $6120 $3941 $1930
Student + 3 or more $8138 $5240 $2,566
Annual Installment Payments: This is an annual plan for the entire policy year. You may elect the annual installment payment, which consists of three payments. Premium payments for Periods 2 and 3 will AUTOMATICALLY be charged to the same form of payment used for Period 1. An email notification will be sent 14 days prior to the next payment due date. If your credit card is denied, you will be given the opportunity to provide alternative payment details, but this must be received no later than the deadline as listed below. No late enrollment is allowed. Once Annual Installment Payments are chosen, there are no cancellations and no refunds other than described in (pending).

Premium Cost - Annual Installment Payments (2018-19 policy year):
  1st payment: 2nd payment: 3rd payment:
Effective Dates 8/24/18-1/31/19 2/1/19-5/31/19 6/1/19-8/23/19
Payment Deadline
(end of open enrollment period)

9/30/18 1/15/19 5/15/19
Student only $912 $685 $487
Student + 1 (Adult or Child) $1802 $1348 $952
Student + 2 $2692 $2011 $1417
Student + 3 or more $3582 $2674 $1882
How to enroll or make payments:
Enrollment is only available during open enrollment periods. Note: eligibility for enrollment is subject to verification. To enroll online:

Go to the Aetna website  and note these open enrollment deadlines: Annual 9/30/18, Winter 1/31/19, Spring/Summer 5/31/19
You will receive enrollment confirmation via email, plus a link for your ID card, which you should print (cards are not mailed). Processing pharmacy benefits may take 5 business days following Aetna Student Health's receipt of a complete enrollment form and appropriate premium payment. If you need a prescription filled immediately, contact UHS Managed Care/Student Insurance Office.
First, go to one of these Preferred Providers to reduce your out-of-pocket expenses:
For members affiliated with U-M-Ann Arbor:

University Health Service: Currently enrolled U-M students on the Ann Arbor campus should visit UHS (207 Fletcher St) first to save money. Many UHS services are covered by the health service fee when a student is enrolled for classes for the current semester on the Ann Arbor campus.  See Who Can Use UHS? for eligibility to use UHS, Free or Fees for Students for what's covered, and Schedule an Appointment to arrange a visit.

Michigan Medicine - for all ages:

Briarwood Center for Women, Children and Young Adults, 400 E. Eisenhower Pkwy, Building 2, Suite B, Ann Arrbor, phone 734-232-2600
East Ann Arbor Health Center, 4260 Plymouth Rd., Ann Arbor, phone 734-647-5680
West Ann Arbor Health Center, 380 Parkland Plaza, Ann Arbor, phone 734-998-7380
Packard Health - for all ages:

Packard Main Ann Arbor, 3174 Packard Rd, Ann Arbor, phone 734-971-1073
Packard West Ann Arbor, 1915 Pauline Blvd, Ann Arbor, phone 734-926-4900
Packard Ypsilanti, 200 Arnet St., Suite 150 (first floor), Ypsilanti, phone 734-985-7200
For members affiliated with U-M-Flint or U-M Dearborn:

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